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Ambassade / Embassy

The Fuel Rats Ambassador

HelloI run the community stuff over at The Fuel Rats and would like to extend a hand of friendship. Below you will find my email address and also a link to our discord server. I would also like to bookmark your Teamspeak or Discord server in case ...
Member avatar small DerryBear 3y
DerryBear4820Small [ADM] Jondo Kobran 3y
Ambassade / Embassy

Lavigny's Legion Embasy

We're about to start operation KEY. details Will be provided on the Lavigny Sub Reddit at 12am GMT All are welcome to join us in advancing the cause of Arissa into federation space.Cmdr Imperius II - Lavign's Legion Tribune
Member avatar small Cmdr Imperius II 4y
Cmdr Imperius II4682Small [ADM] Kaymel Kan 3y
Ambassade / Embassy

Ghost Squadron

Greetings CMDR,Please ensure this letter reaches EMPIRE CORSAIRS leadership:I am commander Big Pappa from The Ghost Squadron and have been assigned as our team's official liaison to pursue possible alliance opportunities with other like-minded pla...
Small [ADM] Jondo Kobran 4y
[ADM] Jondo Kobran4424Small [ADM] Jondo Kobran 4y
Ambassade / Embassy

Grand Imperial Forum

Dear Esteemed Councilors,I am writing to invite you to the Grand Imperial Forum. (?) We are forming this organisation in order to better facilitate communication between imperial player groups. We will require all player groups to send a represent...
Small [ADM] Jondo Kobran 4y
[ADM] Jondo Kobran91030Small Rxone 4y
Ambassade / Embassy

Elite Space Corporation

Bonjour à tous, camarade de Elite: Dangerous.Je suis de passage dans le but de présenter ma corporation et d'établir de futur alliance entre nos flottes.Nous somme une corporation indépendante et allié à la faction des Dukes of Jotun, nous avons ...
Member avatar small Delta 4y
Delta2386Small [ADM] Kaymel Kan 4y
Ambassade / Embassy

Federal Basterds

Bien le bonjour corsaires de l'empire. Les Fed Basterds s'émencipent de la fédration, et nous avons décidé (a voir avec la 1,3) d'accorder plus d'importance au Pouvoirs qu'au Factions principales. Quoi qu'il en soit, cela nous ouvre la porte aux r...
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Charognard5713Member avatar small Charognard 4y
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